The Ultimate Source in Construction Fasteners and Supplies.

Since its inception in 1990, our primary goal has been to provide outstanding personal service to our customers.  The industry is continuously evolving with new innovations, we make it our priority to keep abreast of these changes to provide our customers with the best products and solutions to get their job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Whether your job requires technical assistance on the 50th floor or some screws to finish that small renovation, we are there to meet your requirements.  We use our own delivery vehicles and encompass the entire GTA so that you can be assured that material will be delivered promptly to your location, jobsite or office.

  • Anchors

    Anchors and fasteners are the core of our business. Mechanical and Adhesive anchors both have their merits and limitations, as such careful consideration should be taken to select the proper products given the specifications and the base material of the application.

  • Cutting Tools

    Whether you want to make holes in steel, concrete or wood, we have the necessary cutting tools for you to complete your task.  We have alligned ourselves with manufacturers of these tools to provide the end user with good quality, competitively priced cutting tools.

  • Fasteners

    We carry a broad range of fasteners applicable for use by many trades and industries.  We stock fasteners in a variety of sizes and materials ready to be picked up or shipped to your place of business.

  • Abrasives

    Cutting or grinding discs for your angle grinder, heels for your chop saw or non-woven abrasives to finish your stainless steel we have the products for you to get your job done.

  • Power Tools

    Drilling, grinding and cutting are all part of the construction process.  A Fastener or anchor can very seldom be used without some sort of power tool to drive it.  If its a laser, rotary hammer, magnetic drill, grinder or anything else you require gives us a call.  

  • Sealants

    From firestopping to all purpose silicone, sealants/adhesives and firestopping materials can all be supplied at short notice so that your job never comes to a halt.